Together, through Western Wayne Dollars for Scholars, we have an opportunity to invest in our greatest resource, our youth. Together we really can make a difference!


  • Across the nation, Scholarship America's programs -- including Dollars for Scholars -- have given out $2.5 billion to nearly 2 million students since its founding 50 years ago. In Western Wayne County, Indiana, our chapter has made a big impact on the lives of students as well.

What are the benefits?

  • Western Wayne Dollars for Scholars Scholarships are unlike any other scholarships because Dollars for Scholars has Collegiate Partner agreements with many colleges and universities throughout the United States including thirty-three in Indiana. The Collegiate Partner agreement states that the institutions will not displace the student aid if the award is from Western Wayne Dollars for Scholars.  Another benefit of being Western Wayne Dollars for Scholars is that matching scholarship dollars are also available to scholarship recipients through the colleges and universities.  Currently there are eleven matching colleges and universities in Indiana that will match dollar for dollar a Western Wayne Dollars for Scholars scholarship up to a certain dollar amount which varies per institution.

How can I help?

  • Anyone in the community can help Western Wayne Dollars for Scholars in two ways:
    • Make a contribution. We encourage you to give as generously as you can, but be assured that any and all gifts are appreciated. Your contribution of $10, $100, or $1000 reflects your pride in our students and your commitment to the ongoing education of the young people of our community.

    • Share your time, your skills, and your ideas. We invite your help with any of our fund-raising events throughout the year.

    • We also invite you to share any ideas you have for new approaches to encouraging community participation in Western Wayne Dollars for Scholars.

Past Scholarships Awarded


2013- $10,950 distributed 31 awards

1.Sarah Roberts (CM Contractors)

2.Laci Burchett (Dr. Julie)

3.Tyler Brown (Brad Richardson)

4.Mason Hartsock (Brad Richardson)

5.Michelle Seidner (Psi Iota Xi)

6.Lindsey Robeson (Psi Iota Xi)

7.Mason Hartsock (Psi Iota Xi)

8.Shelby Bertsch (WW Sports Stacking)

9.Clayton Harmeyer (WW Sports Stacking)

10.Maci Sherwood (WW Sports Stacking)

11.MacKenzie McClain (WW Sports Stacking)

12.Stephen Maley (WW Sports Stacking)

13.Grant Renforth (WW Sports Stacking)

14.Kayli Burk (Dr. Eric Miller)

15.Grant Renforth (Fortman)

16.Clayton Harmeyer (Fortman)

17.Blake Tidrow (Fortman)

18.Katie Reece (First Bank)

19.Destini Morrell (First Bank)

20.Olivia Richards (First Bank)

21.Clayton Harmeyer (Phi Chi)

22.Lyndsie Trumbo (Boyd)

23.Tyler Klein (Boyd)

24.Jordan Pugh (Boyd)

25.Kelsey Shearer (Boyd)

26.Darian Pugh (Tebbe)

27.Tyler Klein (Kiwanis KBF)

28.Michelle Seidner (Kiwanis KBF)

29.Christine Ringwald (Kiwanis Lemley)

30.Lyndsie Trumbo (Kiwanis Community Foundation)

31.Destini Morell (Kiwanis Memorial)

2012 - $5,200 distributed 17 awards

1.Patrick Buhl

2.Brittni Guffey

3.Nicholas Morris

4.Dylan Miller

5.Zachary Linderman

6.Kellie DeVaughn

7.Kaleb Baker (First Bank Richmond)

8.Danielle Peckinpaugh (Grandview Pharmacy)

9.Jacqueline Duran (Dr. Julie Robinson)

10.Christopher Halberstadt (RMD Patti Insurance-Ronda Estes)

11.Ashley Strait (Tebbe Automotive Repair LLC)

12.Allison Belork (Charles Bonwell)

13.Alex Roark (Kiwanis KBF)

14.Danielle Peckinpaugh (Kiwanis KBF)

15.Sara Newton (Kiwanis Community Foundation)

16.Kevin Brattain (Kiwanis Memorial)

17.Cyle Warner (Kiwanis Stephen Lemley)













2011 - $3,800 distributed 9 awards

1.Joe DeRagnaucourt

2.Troy Bane

3.Chelsea Stegner

4.Karen Elliott

5.Elyse Maley (Kiwanis KBF)

6.Tyler Smith (Kiwanis KBF)

7.Shalea Sherwood (Kiwanis Lemley)

8.Kayla Limburg (Kiwanis Community Foundation)

9.Matt Ames (Kiwanis Memorial)